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Experimental sound design is the driving force behind the concepts we’ve built our products on. We continue to experiment sonically by developing audio effects that challenge the norm and produce ideas that inspire the creative process.

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Creative Intent, audio software plugins for music production. Remnant, Tantrum light and dark UI, and Temper free phase distortion vst
Remnant: Grain Delay
Remnant is a digital grain delay audio plugin, made with experimental music production in mind. Create atmospheric and experimental soundscapes with jagged, stuttering glitches. Remnant fills a warm analogue tape-inspired delay channel with its input signal while two independent grain engines, operating in parallel, draw fragments of sound from the delay line. Create chaos and melody at the same time.
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Tantrum - Phase Distortion
Tantrum features two distortion stages. First, a wave shaping stage, featuring five classic curve shapes from soft tape saturation to aggressive foldback distortion. Next, a completely redesigned phase modulation distortion, taking the original input signal through a stereo delay to modulate the phase of the distorted signal, bringing new subtlety to “warmth” and new aggression to “overdrive.”
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Temper: Free Plugin
Temper is a modern digital distortion plugin featuring a rich saturation stage and a unique phase distortion. Use the variable saturation curve to add warmth and edge to your sound, and let the phase distortion bring character and clarity through your mix. Temper also features a simple resonant lowpass filter and a feedback path to drive the intensity of the tone.
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