Behind the scenes

who we are

Creatives who make digital tools for music producers and sound designers.

Creative Intent was founded in 2017 after years of exploration into sound design led to the creation of Temper, our first plugin. Our curiosity drives the development of our tools. We hope you use them to explore sound with us.

Nick Thompson

Product Development & DSP

A software developer by day, and a sound design and DSP enthusiast by night, Nick Thompson is a lifelong nerd who writes plug-ins for “fun” and to “de-stress.” His music explores ambient soundscapes with glitchy drums, from which the writing processes and techniques inspire new products.

Michael Spillane

Product Design & Marketing

A designer by trade and active musician, Michael has experience working with a myriad of brands both large and small, designing visual brand identities, user interfaces, and web technologies. At Creative Intent he contributes his creativity in everything from product design to marketing and beyond.

July 2017
The Beginning

July, 2017. With a brand new company and naive ambition, we released our first product, Temper. More than an audio plugin, Temper marks a huge milestone in the development of a lifelong friendship rooted in creative collaboration.

April 2018
The Dream

April, 2018. Driven more than ever by the dream of building a life around music and audio, we released Tantrum. To do so, we took on risk hoping to answer the question: will anybody rock with us?

August 2019
Setting the Table

August, 2019. After a series of personal life events clouded our focus, we found our vibe again and released Remnant, an ambitious project pulling our brand into exciting and experimental territory.

April 2020
The Future

Today, 2020. We’re here. Creative Intent is at the table, and we’re ready to eat. We feel so proud of what we’ve built, and so excited to show you what’s coming next. Keep rocking with us, and thanks for your support.